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Amazingly SEAMLESS - with no visibility of panty line at all!!

I love how it fits me well, and the length is perfect!

Anew Sports Bra
Elaine Ho

Pros—This sports bra is very comfy, great fit and offers good support. Love the beautiful colours mint green and blue, so I bought it up in two colours. Makes me want to work out more! But some cons—I realised on my first run that it is hot in there- the material does not seem to wick sweat away. And then after I sweated in it, I became very cold because the bra was dripping wet which I’m not used to. I’m used to lululemon which helps me stay cool when I’m jogging and does not drip wet and cold after I sweat. But lulu is too ex. So for the price these bras are very good value for money.

Vibrant colours

Love the fit & comfortable material! And the colour too!

Vibrant colours

Love the vibrant colours and comfortable to wear!

Most comfortable top!

Love the navy blue colour. Smallest size is a little too big but I still bought it anyway cos it's so comfy and the material is cooling!

Zen Loose Tank
Phoebe Phi
Cute and confortable

The material is very soft, and the slogan is funny

Oh my Quad

Got oh my Quad tank and love the design. Often wear it as a homewear

Zen Loose Tank
Kaly Nguyen
Cute print and comfy design

I love the new print, cute and funny.

Simple and nice design. Easy to carry and practical 👍

Nice fit

The design and fit is perfect for me. Makes me look lean and tall, covers just the right areas (tummy). Love the cut in at the shoulders too as my shoulders are quite narrow.

Comfortable and cute

Like the mint Color, however I find it not as flattering on bigger girls! Bought size 6 and it looked a bit stumpy on me.

Pretty colors! But not as compressive

Really love the mint, the length is abt the same as allied shorts but the compression isn’t as good as the allied ones.

Loving Vivre new tanks

Got 3 of the new tanks, a longer tank & cute designs. It is very comfortable and fast drying! Size 2 for me around 168cm

Second purchase

Still my OG fav sport bra to go. Super chio super comfortable and super affordable too. Try it if you haven’t.


Gives your bumps a great lighted look. Secure and fit shorts!!

Lovin it

My OG crop length sport bra
This crop length sport bra is super duper sturdy and keeps your booby in place. Always my go to whenever I go for spin. It’s chio looking too from the back.

Intentional long line sport bra

Suitable sport bra cutting for those who wanna still own a crop length bra but comfortable cutting in front. Does not expose at all when bending down in this cut! Very secure and suitable for those who prefers less revealing cuts.

Tranquil Yoga Mat
Mavis Leong
Very happy with my purchase

I like how thick and cushiony this mat is as it supports my tailbone well - 6mm - most brands such as alo or lulue only offers 5mm max. It's surprisingly light given its size (extra wide) and thickness - less 1kg - making easy to carry around. I wish it came with the straps though. I love the texture of this mat too - it is not the sticky kind of rubber surface but feel almost powdery on my skin which I like. The grip of this mat is great as well, both top and bottom. Lastly, the prints are so pretty! I hope this mat doesn't flake over time like those cheap watsons ones.

Loving my all time fav

My all time fav legging to do any kind of exercises. Regret not getting more of it in many colours. It’s going out of stock soon. Please restock it team vivre!

Very comfy

I love the fitting and the texture...very soft and comfy to wear.

Dazzle Biker Shorts
Catherine Tran
Great fit

Comfortable fit and dries quickly when I got into the rain. Material is just the right thickness

Good fit

Comfy and airy. Perfect for hot weather/ a workout.

Very comfortable and stretchy

Loved my first purchase so decided to buy it for a friend for her birthday and she loved it!

Good quality and very comfortable!

Love the texture and how its so soft that it sits on your skin very comfortably